Monday, December 22, 2008


Mrs. Rabe from Creekside Cottage tagged me for a meme. I've never done one before and I'll apologize in advance for being boring.

Here are the rules:

*Go to the 6th picture folder in your documents.

*Find the 6th picture in your 6th folder.

*Pray that you remember what it is about.

*Blog about it.

*Tag 6 people to do the same.

I think I've already blogged about this box. It is a cheese box that I covered with wallpaper sample pieces to use as a container for a gift. The votive holder next to it is one that Julianne made. They were part of a gift for the girls' former piano teacher, who really likes lighthouses.

I have no idea who to pass this on to, so if you are interested in trying this or drawing a blank on what to post about today, consider yourself tagged!


  1. Is it funny to look back in the folders and see what the photos are? My kids take so many pictures that I never know whether it will be a great photo or one of some girlies toesocks!

    Merriest Christmas, Karen!

  2. Did you hold your breath as you counted across the photos?

    I think that box is cute and since I am a more recent reader I had not seen it.

    Thanks for playing along. I just got an old photo of a decrepit van we had for nine years. You got something pretty.



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