Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perfect timing

My girls have been taking piano lessons for a few years now. We bought a keyboard back then, figuring we'd get a piano when we'd finished most of our remodeling (when will that ever happen?) or when their teacher told them they needed one.

Betty, a retired school teacher from our church, is planning to sell her house and move to an assisted living type facility. The girls' adopted grandma is close friends with Betty and told me last week that Betty was trying to sell her piano. She told me Betty wasn't trying to make money, she was just trying to get rid of things, so we probably couldn't beat the price Betty would give us.

I thought about it, but I didn't want a piano when dealing with drywall dust and sawdust flying everywhere. I'd continue waiting. We've already turned down free pianos from family and friends. Until the girls had to have one, I was more than content to keep the keyboard.

The girls went to their lesson last Friday. The teacher asked Julianne if she had practiced some particular thing and Julianne said "No, we only have a keyboard so I can't practice with the pedals." Her teacher told her that her parents should start watching the ads for a piano.

It was time.

A phone call and visit to Betty made it ours. She had one caller who was supposed to come the previous day but never showed. When she called back, Betty told her it was ours. I felt kind of bad about that but when Clarence went to pick it up yesterday, he said Betty is just delighted to know our girls are going to be using her piano.

My dear brother Earl rode along with our wonderful Unc. Using Unc's truck and trailer, they helped Clarence get the piano from Betty's house to ours.

Our girls are so excited to have an actual piano at last. They've never said much about the keyboard so their enthusiasm for this piano surprised me. I didn't think it mattered very much to them. Apparently, I was wrong.

It was a case of perfect timing, an answer to a prayer not prayed. A God-breeze.

Oh, and the price? Clarence and Betty discussed it before I got there Saturday. Betty was going to just give it to us. When Clarence told her we should pay for it, she decided $10 was a fair price. lol Now I only need to find a piano tuner.
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  1. Yay! I'll be expecting a concert next time I come up!:>)

  2. What a blessing! We had friends give us a piano a few years ago! We are in need of a piano tuner as well....

  3. How Awesome!

    Piano keys feel so differently that keyboard keys. The girls will really notice a difference with their practices...enjoy!

  4. $10 for a piano? awesome! 10 days til easter! sweet bread, right? :) hehehe love you!

  5. Those budding concertistas appear to have the posture, hand position, and concentration necessary for top-level performance. Just make sure they keep the instrument dusted and waxed! :)

    Uncle E


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