Thursday, March 4, 2010

Haircut time

My hairdresser is about 45 minutes away. As a result, I don't get my hair cut nearly often enough. I sometimes venture into the local cosmetology school and get my bangs trimmed but I'm not brave enough to let them cut the back, where I can't see what they're doing until it's too late. (I once had a girl there cut a section of my bangs almost down to the scalp, which might explain my hesitation.)

This week we were going to be back in my old stompin' grounds so I called and was able to get appointments for all three of us.

Allison got a few inches trimmed off the end so her hair looks much healthier now.

Julianne and I went more extreme. Julianne got 15 1/2 inches cut off. I beat her by a half-inch with 16".

(A back view of Julianne's new 'do.)

Julianne looks cute, but older, with her new style. Sigh. These girls are quickly growing up on their old mom.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Nice hair girls, now where is the picture of you Karen?

  2. Julianne's hair is so cute!

    My girls have been growing their hair out...Emily just got some long layers put in hers and it looks really good.

    Allison's hair is very pretty and so shiny and healthy looking...But I want to see a photo of you and your hair cut!

  3. Oh it is 11:30pm and we just checked your blog. I am so glad we did. The girls look great!

    Chelsea was nearly tucked into bed after a fun evening that I am going to post about tomorrow. I called her back out to see the girls' hair.

    I'm with us yours...pretty please???

    Love it!

  4. Does your hairdresser participate in "Locks of Love?" Looks as if Julianne has about enough to qualify. I think it has to be 12" They make wigs for kids who are bald from chemo. That's what will happen to mine when it is long enough. The girls look beautiful, as usual, but where, oh where, are you? LAS

  5. The girl's new do's look great!!! It is always nice to the the edges trimmed to look healthier!!

    Where is mom's picture?

  6. Love it!! Both of you! Oh and Julianne... nice shirt!! :D


  7. It looks beautiful! I wish I was patient enough to let my hair grow that long to cut it and donate! I am sure you use less shampoo & conditioner!

  8. They look so good! Julianne's hair looks so pretty short! I WANT TO SEE PICTURES OF YOURS KEEKA!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  9. I just got my hair cut the other day and it looks like Julianne and I have matching hair now! lol we should get together and play with our new styles- i'm still trying to figure out what else i can do with it when i get tired of it being in my face since it's so short now! :)



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