Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Christmas again!

Several years ago, we rented a cabin up north with Earl and Kathy. We ventured into Traverse City that weekend, looking for the farmer's market. In our travels, we stopped at a Salvation Army store. Clarence saw someone take these cups and saucers to the counter to ask how much they were. When the customer decided against purchasing them, he found me to see if I wanted them. Oh, my, yes.

They live on a shelf in the dining room most of the time, although we do occasionally use them for tea.

On Christmas morning, I opened a package from Julianne containing two doilies, one pink, one green. I thought they were pretty but wasn't sure where I'd use them. She spoke up and told me that, last summer, I had mentioned that I'd love it if she made me doilies to match these teacups. She remembered!

She's been busy with other projects and finished the final one this week.

I am thrilled and love the matching doilies just as much as I thought I would. Thanks, Julianne!
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  1. The doilies are the perfect finishing touch Karen. You are so fortunate to have such talented kids. Julianne matched the colors so well!

  2. How pretty. I love the way you've displayed them too. It's always a thrill when you find wonderful things at thrift shops, huh? Here lately I haven't found much, but I'm looking forward to a road trip real soon to go into Alabama and look around.

  3. What a sweet and very talented girl!
    They look absolutely adorable with the cups and saucers.

    Becky K.

  4. Very nice work Julianne!

    Those are really cute cups Karen! The colors are very pretty. They look sweet on the shelf. What a nice find!

  5. Those look amazing :) I'll see you on the 17th!!!
    Love, Victoria

  6. What a wonderful friend. I don't believe I've every seen matching cups with doilies. They are so beautiful and what a perfect touch.

    I visit by way of Kathy's Cottage and would like to invite you over to my blog for a 200th post giveaway! Please do drop in if you can.

  7. Hey Karen,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, I do shop at 4-5 2nd hand stores in Stillwater. And I was in the mood to shop, that helps in the buying department (hee hee). I was thrilled to find an easter dress for me, and I actually got to go today, and get some easter shoes! Wahoo! On Easter, family will take a picture for that. Have an awesome day!!

  8. You have a wonderful gal there Karen! The picture is beautiful!

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