Thursday, July 1, 2010


Julianne turned 15 today. Knowing she would be at Nationals for her special day, she informed us that she wanted a tiara to wear-so that is what Allison gave her.

Our group sang "Happy Birthday" to her at breakfast, then I enlisted her teammate to get this group of kids to sing it again at dinner.

Julianne almost had to be restrained or she would have exited the cafeteria. She told me once was enough, but she'll make an exception and let us sing when we have her cake at home

Our friends suggested DQ after chapel tonight so we walked downtown for a treat.

The poor little ice cream addict finally got a yummy treat to celebrate her birthday. (It didn't occur to me that I could have gotten her an ice cream cake from DQ while we were here.) Chocolate has been in short supply all week, and ice cream non-existent. I'm not thinking this will be the college of choice for her.

As for the quizzing...the team remained undefeated so will be taking home a first place trophy from the awards banquet tomorrow. Julianne thought she was knocked out of the individual competition but she ended up making it to the semi-finals tomorrow. I know she'd appreciate prayer as it is incredibly stressful to compete in individuals at Nationals. Allison didn't move up so she gets to relax tomorrow.

I'll try to post the pics from the talent show in the next couple of days.


  1. And a princess SHE IS!!! I'll be praying for semi finals tomorrow...they have a lot to be proud of!!!! :)

  2. To: Julianne

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Chelsea made a post for you.

    If you were here we could fix that ice cream craving in a big way. We have a wonderful dairy just down the road....sorry, just saying.

    Congrats on the Team win!!!!

    I'll be praying for your semi-final competition today!!

  3. Okay I LOVE the tiara! :) And Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you took care of that being deprived from ice cream thing ;) I would never have made it that long, haha! :D


  4. I love the tiara too!

    I am praying for her! Way to go for the team! Congratulations girls!

    Happy Birthday Julianne!

  5. Happy Birthday to my sweet niece and congratulations on the trophy! I'm praying for you for your individuals:>) See you next week!

  6. Happy (late) Birthday Julianne!!

    It was lots of fun meeting you guys!

    Hope you have/had a good trip home!


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