Friday, July 9, 2010

The Surprise Adventure

As we packed up to leave Bible Quiz Nationals, I noticed a license plate on a vehicle parked near ours. Hmm...what a great idea. Let's do it!

Actually, it had nothing to do with the license plate and everything to do with birthdays, pen pals, and a big surprise.

You can find the story on Becky's blog.
We had so much fun! We got there Saturday evening in time for a wonderful meal prepared by Chelsea and Becky, followed by a trip to a local dairy for ice cream. After that, the kids went swimming while Warren and Becky took us to see Warren's place of employment.
Sight and Sound was very impressive and, as we looked around the lobby and talked with Becky's mom Ruth when she wasn't busy, Warren got permission for us to go in and see the last half of the performance. It was incredible! Let me encourage you that it is worth the trip just to attend one of their performances. Amazing!
But, the fun wasn't over by far. Sunday we enjoyed breakfast with Georgia (Warren's mom) and headed off to join their congregation in worship. We loved the family integrated service and I had the opportunity to meet another long-time blog friend, Mrs. Rabe (and hold her new little granddaughter for a few minutes!)
We headed back to Becky and Warren's for Chelsea's birthday party and enjoyed meeting and talking with more people from their church. I got to meet Bee, whose blog I recently discovered from a link Becky posted, and Kelly, whose blog I am looking forward to reading. I was surprised by Bee-I don't think I had seen her profile picture when I visited her blog so I expected someone older than she is, because I think she writes with so much wisdom.
We enjoyed grilled pizza before heading over to the Rabes to watch fireworks.
The girls decided to be fireworks, too.

They didn't seem to mind being downwind of the smoke.

Cute Sarah tried to teach something to Julianne but Julianne says she never got it quite right.
I promised to post a picture of Becky and me but since she posted one just like mine, I should be excused, shouldn't I?
I've still got a post in draft about the talent show at nationals, too. I feel so very behind...
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  1. The pictures of the girls jumping are great. They had so much fun hardly seemed we all had just met. I love blogging!!!!
    It makes for great friendships!

    Becky K.

  2. gOSH I LOVE pa too!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE STATE!!!! Love the pictures..thanks for sharing.

  3. The photos of the girls jumping turned out so great! They had so much fun!

    Can I say again with out anyone getting ill, that we loved meeting your family?!!!

    So glad that you and Becky conspired to surprise the girls!

    I am thinking of my Mom's family reunion in August...I need to discuss it with Tim. I haven't been to Michigan is years!

  4. So much fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you again sometime.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog post. I do like to take notes during Sunday school, church, seminars and such. I always have, and now it's great material for the blog as well.

  5. What a wonderful adventure! I love that you met so many bloggers that you can now stay in touch with and follow through their blogs. I am sure this is a trip the girls (and you) will always remember!

  6. What a great family adventure. Julianne, I'm sorry that your B'day is overshadowed by Nicholas' but I'm glad you had such a happy one. Even though I am not good at sending cards and such I think of you often and I am quite sure your mom must be mistaken about your age. There is no way that you can be 15 years old. I remember you before you were born and that would make me very old!!! LAS


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