Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July reunion

Yesterday we attended a family reunion for Clarence's dad's side of the family. We had perfect weather for a day at the park.

I didn't get pictures but both our girls met and spent the day with cousins that were their ages. They had a lot of fun. The newly acquainted cousins are far enough away on the family tree that I don't know what we'd call them. Their great-grandmother was the sister of our girls' great-grandfather. I think. So, are they 3rd cousins? 4th cousins? __cousins __removed? I get woozy thinking about that type of stuff-so they're just cousins.
Clarence and I had fun visiting with lots of relatives we don't see often (and some that I didn't know prior to yesterday). I learned yesterday that the family includes a famous artist a few generations back!

It's a weekend long reunion with various activities planned but we only joined in yesterday (Clarence is working today). The activities for today include a driving tour to visit all the old family homesteads in the area, dinner out together, and a visit to the cemetery. Sunday they plan to be back at the park to share brunch. My hat is off to the couples who planned it all-what a lot of work!

We are spending our day finishing laundry to pack. Bible Quiz nationals starts on Monday and we will be gone until Friday. Any prayers are appreciated-for the girls and their teammates as they compete all week-and for us old folks who are just as tired as the kids by the end of the week.
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  1. Karen: We will be praying that the girls shine for Jesus on this occasion!


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