Monday, February 14, 2011

Allison's Valentines

Allison loves to make pie.

I've tried to give her advice-as if I make pie very often at all. I've watched her, shaking my head that her crust won't turn out well because she re-rolls it so many times, and she patches the places that don't hold together. But, I've discovered that she has exactly the right temperament for pie making. She has fun and doesn't worry how it will turn out. And it always turns out beautifully.

That said, I knew she'd be excited about the idea I saw on Our Best Bites a couple weeks ago.

Valentine's Day hand pies.

She made these cute, and delicious, apple pies for her friends in our FIAR group last week. She made a few extras in case some didn't turn out well so Clarence and I got to sample them, too.

She wrapped them in red Saran Wrap, then added a tag with a little riddle/pun to go along with our activities for the day ("What is the sweetest number?") taped to each one.

Julianne crocheted little hearts to use on her Valentines but I didn't get a single picture-in fact, she never even showed me her finished ones-but I'm sure they were cute. ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day to each of you!

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  1. Ahhh...they are perfect!!!

    Love them....and I can just imagine the smiles these brought to your friends' faces.

  2. Ahem, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to try these! Maybe some day you'll make some when we are coming over?

  3. Lovely!

    I saw those too, she did a great job!

  4. Oh my, these apple pies look out of this world yummy...The hearts are perfect! such a "sweet" gift..
    I have never made a special pie like this before and I think its a wonderful idea, Very well done.
    Have as sweet day, Elizabeth

  5. They look wonderful and mighty tasty. Good job Allison. Pie crust isn't so hard.


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