Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aunt Kathy's surprise

Since we expected to see Kathy at Saturday's quiz, the girls didn't share some of the flowers they had crocheted when I was taking pics for my blog. We all wanted to see her reaction first hand.

This pink aster was Julianne's favorite of the large flowers she made, so she saved it for Saturday.

We didn't have any yellow yarn and it was severely hampering their options.

I ended up asking Julianne if she thought she could make embroidery floss work and she tried it. Aren't these beautiful? Allison made the carnation, Julianne did the little forget-me-not, the rose, the pansies, and the leaf. I especially heart those pansies.

Kathy was delighted with all they had made and the girls loved hearing her compliments on their work.
I think the book is going to be dog-eared in no time.
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  1. Those are so great! I love it when my kids create! What a wonderful gift, Aunt Kathy!

  2. Oh wow! Great job girls! These are on my list of things to do this year. I hope mine turn out!

  3. Those are lovely! I wish I could crochet - especially when I see things like this.


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