Monday, January 19, 2009

Tatted butterfly

I found a crochet pattern online last week for this motif. I thought it was cute so Julianne whipped one up for me. She added it to the flowers she made for Aunt Kathy since I had absolutely no use for it, pretty though it was.

Julianne also likes tatting. Clarence's mom taught her how to tat the traditional way last year. The butterfly on top of the crocheted motif is her latest tatting project. It wasn't tatted with a shuttle (the traditional way), though.

For Christmas, Allison gave Julianne a book and starter kit for needle tatting. Julianne finds that her hands are much more comfortable when she needle tats than they were with the shuttle. She would get pain in her hands using the shuttle but doesn't when needle tatting. That makes more tatting possible, of course.

Julianne says she still has techniques to learn with needle tatting but, so far, she thinks it's a lot of fun.
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  1. I am just in awe of those girls! They are botht the greatest. I love you guys!:>)

  2. Your girls are so talented! Great job on those 2 projects!!!

  3. Hi Karen,

    Julianne's work is amazing! Such beautiful tatting. You have very talented girls.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! Please come back again anytime to visit. Have a wonderful day!



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