Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Quiz

I don't usually have my camera out during a quiz, but this was a fun round (in other words, it didn't count) so I decided I could risk a flash.

The girls were a two person team today but their friend Sam came to watch and ended up sitting in for the fun round. I like the expressions I caught on their faces-they are typical looks you see when they are thinking, waiting for the quizmaster to call on them.

In individual competition, Allison came in second in the young teen rookie division. It was a hard fought victory for her. At the end of the round, there was a tie for second so the two of them had three more questions to break the tie. It was intense!

Julianne took first place in the young teen veteran division. She quizzed out on the sixth question. In fact, she quizzed out in every round today. Allison quizzed out twice and came close in the other rounds.

(The colors were really glaring on this shot so I switched it to b/w.)

They took first place as a team. As always, we are so proud of them! Their victories were made sweeter by the presence of Uncle Earl, Aunt Kathy, cousin Lauren, and Grandma to cheer them on. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Earl helped make lunch for the quizzers, too, as their church was the host church. We always have a great time at quizzing, but having more of our family join us made it even better.
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  1. Sounds like a great quiz day to me! Always fun to quiz out and win awards!

  2. That is so awesome - what a fun way to learn the Word!


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