Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby gifts

I went to a baby shower last Saturday while my family picked pears.

I've started making my shower gifts and adding something small to go with the things I sew. Saturday, I didn't have any baby gift bags so I ended up using my scrap fabric to make a tote bag to hold everything. I thought it was kind of floppy, being unlined, and wasn't very impressed with it. But, it did the job of holding the gift. I figured they could pitch it, just like gift wrap, if they didn't have a use for it. Oddly enough, the bag was what the mom-to-be seemed most delighted with.

Their nursery is done in Curious George, hence my fabric choice. The family told me that they are having a hard time finding anything with Curious George and although there were many monkey gifts, I don't think there was anything else with Curious George on it at the shower. Thank you JoAnn Fabrics!

Since I knew the baby's first name, I machine embroidered it randomly on one of the burp cloths. I would have used his initials, too, but the parents haven't chosen a middle name yet-at least not that they're telling.

We're visiting friends in Indiana this week whose son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first, too. Another boy. They aren't sharing the name they've picked either, so no personalization on this set.

Rite Aid had an extremely good deal on baby products last week so I used those to round out my gifts.

Do you always give the same thing for shower gifts or do you pick something different each time? I'm liking having a standard gift to fall back on for baby showers. Bridal showers are a whole 'nuther issue.
We're spending a couple days away for our anniversary. I'll see you all when we get back.
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  1. I'm sure that mother felt blessed by your thoughtful gifts. I always give something different-usually a cute little outfit from a nice dept. store.
    also found at

  2. I think your baby gifts are awesome, need an etsy shop?;>)

  3. Those are great gifts and so thoughtful. It is lovely to get something that someone made with their own hands.

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I usually get one of those little playmats for the floor. If I sewed I could make one for a fraction of the cost...hmmm.

    Now you've got me thinking!


  5. Oh Karen..adorable!
    i love giving home made baby gifts as well...i also add bibs! Have a great trip and chat w you soon ;)

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