Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Julianne's hot pads

Julianne saw hot pads like these on Whip Up one day several months ago.

She really liked them so she followed the link to the directions. Unfortunately, they were in German. She tried google translate but apparently crochet abbreviations don't translate well. Imagine that.

She sent the link to our friend Julene. Julianne whined just a bit mentioned that she couldn't figure out the pattern. Julene doesn't know German, either, but somehow she figured out the pattern and shared it with Julianne.

(This one was on the clothesline when she took the other pictures. We couldn't leave out the one with her favorite colors, could we?)
My hot pad drawer is starting to look like one of Julianne's flower gardens.
I like it.
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  1. Wow! Those would make amazing Chrismas gifts:>)

  2. Those are really great! Do you have some kind of specialty boutique she could sell her hotpads at? They are cute, bright and fun. Very modern.

  3. Gosh, I have an awesomely talented neice! (Actually 2, but I'm not seeing any of the other's work...) Keep creating, Julianne.

    The Uncle

  4. I LOVE THEM!!!!! and I love all of you! xxooxxoo

  5. Oh, so pretty!
    I love them!


  6. Those are so cute :)

    I'm not entirely sure why my mom adds lemon juice, other than to act as a preserving factor for the apples -- I think it might help them get less brown, and keep a little longer in the fridge.


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