Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Candle holder re-do

I bought these at a yard sale. I realized shortly after getting them home that they are slightly different colors. Never one to rush into things, I've left them as-is for a couple years.

I have fears of spray painting but I finally bought some anyhow and gave it a try. It turned out better than I was afraid it might.

After I got them painted, Clarence asked if I planned to use some of the tiles I bought recently. I was so taken with this tile, I bought a sheet of it to bring home to consider for our bathroom. I still haven't decided about it for the bathroom but I'm really liking it on the candle holder.
The simple spray paint job now requires grouting. Somehow, that seems about right for us.
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  1. Pretty! Don't you still have some of that premixed grout from our mosaic project? Where are these going?

  2. Wow! I like these! Where do you use them?


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