Saturday, September 19, 2009

Picking pears with Grandpa

Clarence and the girls went to pick pears at his folks' today while I attended a baby shower. We were trying to beat a frost that's predicted for next week.
Grandpa told the girls that there were four possible ways to pick the pears, because the tree hangs over a ditch and into the cornfield.
  1. Use a ladder.
  2. Shake the pears out of the tree.
  3. Get in the bucket of the backhoe.
  4. Cut the tree down. He's been thinking about doing that anyway.

Grandma didn't think he was serious about the backhoe. He was.

Sometimes, Grandpa tells the girls "We don't need to tell Grandma about this." and they understand that they don't need to tell Mom, either. I'm a little surprised that not only did Allison tell me about this as soon as I got home, Clarence had taken these pictures.
They had a lot of fun, we got a nice harvest of free fruit, and they all came home safely. It was a good day.
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  1. Yeesh! What would you have done if you were there to see them go up in the bucket? Would you have insisted n another way to pick? lol, I think of the dangerous things we all did as kids and I guess we all need a little danger:>) I'm trying not to think about frost. Really? Next week? Only up there right?:>{

  2. You can tell they are having fun, look at their faces!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun to me! :)


  4. It is fun!! Daddy used to lift us up in his backhoe front loader to pick fruit. Kinda scary, but real fun. Looks like girls where having a blast!! Pears look yummy!

  5. lol!!! That's awesome! I love you guys!!!! xoxoxo
    (let me know if there'll be a quiz at SAU sometime)


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