Saturday, September 5, 2009


Last weekend, the girls went on a canoe trip with friends. Consequently, they missed our annual family reunion. Aunt Sharon was disappointed that she couldn't see them so we made arrangements to get together on Monday.

We got a bonus visit with Nicholas and his mom, Marie.

Julianne let Nicholas go through her bag. He found some very entertaining things, like a hairbrush and several skeins of yarn.

Allison let him check her bag out as well. We think he's definitely going to be crafty handy.

Or maybe not. Maybe he's just going to have great dental hygiene habits. I think he flossed all five teeth.

Allison bribed Nicholas to sit on her lap by sharing her needlepoint chicken with him. He didn't stay long but she was pretty excited that he let her hold him at all.
I've got other things to blog about when I get some time but now that Aunt Sharon is back in Florida, I thought I'd better start with Nicholas pictures first to help ease her withdrawal.
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  1. Oh that sweet baby! Lauren & Vicky were just telling me I have so many of his pictures onthe fridge it looks like he's my grandkid (I'm not quite that old thank you!) I really was sorry to be gone for the reunion and to not get more time with Aunt Sharon. I was in Florida while she was here!

  2. What fun photos!

    He is delightful! We don't have many babies around here anymore so we are enjoying borrowing some from a family at church! They kindly share their sweet ones with us every week! We all get our baby and toddler fix!

  3. Thank you, Karen. I quite agree!! It was a pleasure as always to spend time with you and your lovely girls. Given the teens I see routinely in my workplace it is a great pleasure to know girls like yours. I appreciate you taking the time to come down and visit and look forward to the next. Meanwhile, I am here, all alone, . . . LAS

  4. lol! He's so cute! I want a care package with him in it! YAYYY!!!! He'd be fun at college lol. xxooxxoo. Miss ya'll!

  5. oh man...that kid just keeps getting cuter and cuter- i need to make a visit to see them! and when am i going to see you guys again? it's kinda frustrating to ALWAYS have to work when the family is getting together anymore! :(


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