Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Sunday of Advent

We have some Advent traditions around here.

Allison starts us off, since she's the youngest. She gets to light the candle and choose the special treat we will have after our Advent devotional reading.

As the girls have gotten older, they have started helping with the treat they choose. Allison didn't even hesitate when I asked her what she wanted for her treat today. I was a little worried because I forgot to check with her ahead of time but she knew just what she wanted. Thankfully, we had everything on hand to proceed.

She chose Cream-Filled Confetti Cookies as her treat. They are a festive-looking, delicious sandwich cookie.

She and I worked together on getting the dough mixed but she did all the rolling out, cutting, and baking by herself. We worked together on the filling, then I left her to do all the work of frosting and putting them together. It's a beautiful system for me as I get tired of the tedium of the steps she handled alone.

I'm planning to share the recipe. Stay tuned!
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  1. What a cool tradition!
    And those cookie things look amazing.


  2. Awaiting the recipe!

    I love to read about family traditions especially at the holidays!


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