Friday, November 20, 2009

November Quiz

The girls quizzed last Saturday and their forgetful mother didn't take her camera. You might also notice how many days it has taken their forgetful mother to take pictures of their awards and post about it on her blog.

Thankfully, they don't have faulty memories like their mother and did very well.

Their teammate is older so they have to quiz in the Senior Teen division when she's there. It didn't seem to be a problem. Their team took first place.

For individual competition, they both quizzed in the Young Teen veteran division. Julianne took first, quizzing out on the 11th question. Allison took second, quizzing out on the 12th question. She was making Julianne nervous, let me tell you.

Julianne quizzed out in every round she was in (as is her goal every month). Allison quizzed out three times, the most exciting time happening when she quizzed out ahead of Julianne in one of the team rounds.

You're probably tired of hearing me say how proud I am of them.
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  1. Way to go girls!!! My daughter is quizmastering tomorrow at a big competition in Brighton!

  2. That's great!


  3. I never tire of hearing how proud you are of them. Maybe because I'm super proud of them too. They're AWESOME!!!! I love you guys! xoxoxo
    (p.s. I can't wait to see you thursday!!!!!)

  4. Yay! I'm so proud of my genius nieces:>) ♥

  5. I love hearing about you and your children. No such thing, as a mother, too proud!! Keep up the awesome work girls. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  6. Wonderful girls!! What is Julianne crocheting for Christmas?

  7. That is superb!

    Moms have to share the news...good news.


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