Monday, November 2, 2009

Flower Child

Our church had its annual "Trunk or Treat" event on Saturday. Clarence handed out candy from the back of the van and the girls helped at the craft table inside. (I stayed home where it was warm, peaceful, and quiet. I am not a fan of Halloween.)

Costumes were optional. My girls love many things about the 70's look, so these are actually clothes that Allison wears normally.

She added a long ribbon as a head band

and made a "Peace" necklace to complete the look.

She was wearing the necklace again yesterday, so I think I'll probably see this "costume" again. Won't that be groovy?
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  1. Far out! That is a totally groovy outfit!

  2. Rad! My niece is such a naturally groovy little flower child:>)

  3. Awesome! But what about Julianne? Do you ever blog about her? lol.
    I love you guys! 23 days until thanksgiving when I see you!!!!


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