Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas gift idea

My dear friend Becky is offering a great sale right now on some of her wonderful soy candles.

Her sale includes some cute Santa mugs filled with her special hot chocolate candle (including darling little marshmallows!). I've ordered some hot chocolate mugs as Christmas gifts for the girls' piano and voice teachers. They are unique and fun, not to mention how fantastic they smell.

Go take a look-you can find a link to her candle website from her blog, if you are interested in something other than the sale items. But I really recommend the hot chocolate mug. Mmmm, like a brownie without calories.


  1. Karen...

    You are just toooo sweet! Thanks for this wonderful post....((Smiles)).

    I have been making hot chocolates for two days now and then today I started back in with cappuccino. I am so hungry! Could it be that I haven't been eating as I work or the smell of our favorite cafe that is wafting through my entire house. lol

  2. Becky,

    My hot cocoa candle has made me crave chocolate in the past. When that happened, I had to put the saran wrap back over it...I don't know if I could handle my whole house smelling like that. I think I'd have to bake!

    I love the cappucino scent, too!


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