Saturday, December 4, 2010

Julianne's room re-do

Julianne had some definite ideas of things she wanted to do with her room.

She's crazy for paisley and fleur-de-lis so she picked up some stamps at Hobby Lobby several months ago in anticipation of finishing her room.

She and Allison only stamped the wall with the largest window. Didn't want this to be *too* much.

Her curtains are a polka dot fabric.

When I saw this fabric, it screamed "Julianne" at me. She loved it and decided I should use it for her fan refashion, even though it wasn't a perfect match to some of the other elements of her room.

Her fan originally was bright and multi-colored: red, blue, green, and yellow. She wanted me to spray paint it purple but there is a little part-below the fan blades and above the light-that I couldn't paint as it didn't come off. My solution was to make a fabric sleeve for it. It closes with velcro so she can remove it if she needs to get to the switch to change the fan's rotation.

She added a couple verses to her plain soft green walls.

This one is Psalm 16:2

I didn't realize she planned to paint the verses on her walls so didn't give her any tips about getting them straight. She had them done before I ever saw them. Ah, well, experience is often the best teacher, right?
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  1. Love the verses!

    The paisley and fleur de lis? Wow - she is brave to do a whole wall!

    It is fun to have them put their own personality on their rooms, isn't it?

  2. The room turned out great! I love the verses. They are great to see first thing every morning and last thing at night!

  3. Once again, I think the fan is awesome! These must be the prettiest fans I have ever seen! Juju, I think you and I share genetics SOMEHOW because the paisley on the walls is so something I would do at your age. It's so you and so cool:>)

  4. Great girl room! I like the colors and absolutely love that she put some Bible verses on her walls!


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