Monday, December 13, 2010

December Quiz

We attended the girls' quiz this past Saturday.

Both girls were finalists in individual competition, but neither placed.

So many teams left before the awards that the pictures almost look like the girls did place.

Allison's team took first in their division.

Julianne's team didn't place. We were all wondering if Julianne and Paul's drivers training classes may have had something to do with their performance. They didn't do badly-the rounds they lost were close-but they're going to have to really study to beat those teams next time.
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  1. The older they get the harder things like this become as more things pull at them!

    I hope they keep at this though, it is so valuable to hide God's word in their hearts!

  2. It looks like they had a great time even if they didn't place, and that's important. Keep up the good work, girls.

  3. Well everyone is entitled to an off night! Earl and I were at a Sunday school dinner last night and they were talking about the quiz. We looked at each other and both said "hey! the girls didn't call us!" First time ever. No mind, I love them and am proud of them even if they didn't win, and I KNOW this will spur them on to work harder for next time:>)

  4. Are your girls involved in Bible quiz through the AOG? My daughter takes part in bible quiz as well. We are going to Dallas next month for a tournament. She is in the Novice league. This is her first year.

  5. We are doing the book of John as well. My daughter is in the Novice league so they only have to memorize through chapter 8. WE went to a tournament in Dallas last weekend and her team placed 4th. Good fun. We have another league meet this weekend. It looks like your crew is having a great year in quiz.


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