Friday, December 3, 2010

Allison's room makeover

When we replaced all our windows last year, we changed a small window for an egress one in the girls' rooms. That, of course, meant drywall work for Clarence.

Drywall work meant, of course, that the rooms had to be completely repainted. Julianne had been waiting for 5 years to paint over her Veggie Tales walls but Allison still loved her garden room.

The girls were anxious to paint their own rooms and I was equally anxious to let them. It's a great skill to acquire and they are certainly old enough to learn.

Once they had painted, we started the search for curtain fabric. I decided that since we were just going with valances, the girls could certainly make those, too.

Allison finally finished hers yesterday and put them up.

This summer, I used fabric to cover their fan blades, following a tutorial I found online.

Allison chose to keep her room simple, only painting and adding the little touches of fabric. Julianne's room is slightly more elaborate. I'll share pics of hers next time.
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  1. Covering the fan blades is a great idea! The fabric you chose is so cute!



  2. Oh dear....I see covered fan blades in Chelsea's room soon. They are mighty cute that way!

    Great job everyone!

  3. Fun stuff, Karen!

    I like her wall color as well as the fabric. And the fan blades? How clever is that!?

  4. I agree with everyone else, the fan blades rock! I love the new color anad the fabric you found too:>) I can't wait to see it in person.

  5. i LOVE the fabric-covered fan blades! i will def. keep that idea in mind. so clever and cute. :)


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