Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clarence's hoop house

In the fall of 2007, Clarence constructed a hoop house in the garden. Last spring, he started some cool weather crops, like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, beets, snow peas, and some herbs directly in the ground inside it. He also put his flats of plants he'd started indoors out there as the weather warmed up.
We were all amazed at how well everything performed. I particularly loved how warm and bright it was inside when it was cool and breezy outside. Even better, though, was the fresh lettuce and spinach so early in the season.

By mid-winter this year, the plastic had ripped. Clarence has been anxious for the weather to allow him to replace it. He needed a little thawing of the ground so he could anchor the edges of the plastic with dirt.

The conditions were finally right last week.

He talked Julianne into helping him. She's almost as addicted to gardening as he is.

I talked her into snapping a few pictures for me so I didn't have to be outside in the cold. She's addicted to taking pictures, too. It works for me.

Here's a side view, after the new plastic was on and secured.
He constructed it using PVC pipes and fittings. He added wood framing under the PVC to support the snow weight. It seems to work. I think he's only had one or two pieces break in the two winters it has been up.

As Clarence and Julianne worked, they made an exciting discovery. Cilantro, self-seeded from last year. It seems to be on top of the soil, so we'll see if it lives. I'm hoping so because I love it.
There was a noticeable warm-up in the greenhouse the day after the new plastic went on. They have already planted a couple things. I guess that makes it officially spring here, even though we got snow today.
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  1. Oh, my Warren would be very jealous. He is looking forward to older age and retirement to have a greenhouse. He says there is not enough time for it right now.

    So...we visit other gardens and greenhouses.

  2. Yeah...about that snow...I definitely do NOT approve. I left the house at 5 yesterday wearing flip flops and no coat, and by the time I left my college group, I was walking in slush and ice. I think next time you go to Florida I should jump in your car and come with you! lol


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