Monday, March 16, 2009


Clarence got talking with the guys at the feed store last week and one of them told him about a local place to buy baby chicks. Nice wife that I am, on the way home from the quiz Saturday, I suggested we see if we could find the place so he could get some info.

We found the place easily and he pulled in. I expected him to talk to the man-see what breeds he has, find out when chicks would be available, get a phone number-that type of thing.

About 10 minutes later, I see him and Allison coming back toward the front of the pole barn. He had a box in his hands. Alarmed, I told Julianne "He's buying chicks today! Why would he buy chicks today?" We were obviously on different wavelengths that day, as happens sometimes. I thought he was going to get info, he thought it would be silly to drive back another day when the man had what he was looking for that day.

He bought six Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks. They lay brown eggs.
I like white eggs.
I'm a good wife, though, so he has chickens that lay white, brown, and green eggs.

He needs to make room for them outside but for the moment they still reside inside. Did I mention what a wonderful wife I am?

I hate chickens, in case you didn't know. They are cute for about 3 days, then they are evil for the rest of their lives. Clarence and I obviously are on opposite ends of the spectrum on this issue.

We've never read that book about love languages but I already know what his is. Chickens. Nothing says "I love you" to Clarence as much as letting him have chickens.

So, even though I hate chickens, and have a bird phobia, these new chicks are one more way to let him know that I really love him.
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  1. ROFL! Oh you poor thing! You are a good wife to not make a fuss about the chicks. I need to find out how much they were and what breeds they have!

  2. Too funny! I'm so sorry! Isn't love grand!?!

  3. U will get no arguement that U R a good wife! But, isn't he cute with the chicks? In looking at your maple syrup operation, i believe that i have a couple of those pans if U need more. Let me know. LAS

  4. I love baby chicks. And I'm like your husband, I buy them now, without much thought. We just moved ours out of the garage into a pen, next to our 3 grown hens. We are getting 1-2 eggs a day from our grown hens, and our babies are Rhode Island Reds. We love them. Have a great day. Kimberly C.

  5. You are a good wife.

    We love our chickens. We get brown eggs from ours, too.

    Have a great evening.

  6. OH GOOD WIFE THAT YOU ARE....What is the difference between white eggs and brown eggs?

    I love eggs...I don't like chickens, tho I did cut one's head off once when I was a kid...


  7. haha my eyes are watering right now. chickens as a love language! i love it! lol i can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks for easter!


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