Friday, March 6, 2009

Science experiment

We're doing astronomy for science right now.

I wasn't anxious to head outside when it was 20-something degrees out but today we hit the 60's. Time for our sun experiment.

We were supposed to take chilled chocolate bars and use a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun's beams on the chocolate. Pretty predictable, sure, but who doesn't want to do an experiment that involves candy bars?

I neglected to ask what the girls thought would happen. My own hypothesis was that we'd get a melty spot that would be messy as the girls ate it.

I was a little surprised at what actually happened.

It burned. Smoke and everything. No nice, melted chocolate here-it was black and charred.

The girls talked about making s'mores this way. I told them I wouldn't have the patience.

Maybe I should have let them use the chocolate for microwave s'mores. The burned chocolate would have given it that authentic campfire flavor, I bet.

We were all suitably impressed by the power of the sun and I'm guessing that this will remain one of their favorite science experiments of all time.
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  1. I'll have to try that with my kids. They would love it too. Better than frying ants on the

  2. We could sure use this on our next Elk hunt! I am sure Unc and Uncle Earl will agree!


  3. It was probably the result of the high wax content in Hershey's chocolate! Love the stuff though!

    Maybe we will have to experiment using different kinds of chocolate and see if we get the same reaction!

  4. Try it with other chocolate and tell us the result!! Sounds good Mrs. Rabe!!

  5. sounds fun! How come I never got to do experiments with chocolate when I was homeschooled? I love you guys!


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