Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring clean up

You may not realize it from where you're sitting but this blog, if Allison had her way, would probably be titled "All About Allison". I'd still have my alliteration and it would make Allison so happy. She LOVES to be the subject of blog posts. She frequently will ask if I want to take her picture so I can blog about whatever it is she's doing at that moment.

This past weekend it was yard cleanup. Now, I don't think she intentionally got her face this dirty just to get me to blog about her but when I saw her and commented on her dirty face, she wondered if I wanted to get a picture for my blog.

So, I obliged her.

We have more yard cleanup than usual this year. Remember the window/siding project last fall? We didn't finish before the snow came so now that the snow is gone, we've got a lot to do. There are scraps of Tyvek, nails, old siding bits, new siding bits, etc. spread all over. Let's just say the Amish men who helped us weren't big on cleaning up after themselves.

We are puttering at it, bit by bit. Of course, with all the trees we have, there are lots of leaves, too. Many years, we pick up branches and twigs, then bag the leaves with the lawn mower. It's great until the tube gets plugged.
This year, the mower may not be an option. The possibility of hidden debris getting hit by the mower is too great. So, the girls were helping burn leaves Saturday. A dirty job, as you can see. Don't be fooled, though. Those girls of mine loved every minute of it.

Since I once again indulged her, I'm building up quite a stash of posts "All About Allison". I'm thinking that when she graduates from high school, I'll be able to scroll old blog posts with the various pictures of her looking grimy, being silly, and doing crazy stuff. It'll be perfect, since I'm not a scrapbooker.
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  1. I think our girls would get along very well!

  2. So cute! Can I say that about a teenager?

    Does Allison read Chelsea's blog?

    I bet they would be friends, even though it looks like Chelsea is a bit younger.

  3. We enjoy seeing Allison very much! I love to see what other families in other parts of the US are doing!! No trash burning here!!


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