Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crazy hats

Clarence's mom invited the girls and me to her church's Mother-Daughter Banquet. The theme was crazy hats.

She told me the theme several days ago so that we could work on putting something together if we wanted to. I intended to mention it to the girls but managed to forget until late on Wednesday. Following my lead, they promptly forgot, too.

Friday, it finally occurred to me once again.

Allison had this Red-Hat-Lady hat from Halloween a couple years ago. She decided to embellish it, I think because all her cowgirl hats are looking pretty crushed and rumpled and this one wasn't. So what's an 11 year old to do to make a "red hat" into something more age appropriate? Why, crochet carnations to add to the purple flowers, of course (including a lime green one this picture doesn't show). I encouraged her to put the carnations on top of the hat but she thought that made it look like she had colored brains up there. My response? "Well, that'd be crazy, for sure!"

Julianne's problem was that she didn't have any hats that fit. "No problem", she says, "I'll just make one".
I laughed and said "Today? You're gonna make a hat, decorate it, and have it ready to wear tomorrow?"

Why did I ever doubt?

I think she looks so 70's in it and she loves the 70's look, so I'm wondering if this hat will be making encore appearances.

We told Clarence he was going to love his mom's hat. He knew then that there must be a chicken on it.

I was seated next to this nice lady at the banquet. She didn't wear her hat the whole time, which was probably good. If I had remembered the words to the VeggieTales Viking song, I might have started singing it. Can you believe she won the prize for the ugliest hat? Me, either. I thought it was a hoot!
Happy Mother's Day!
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  1. I love the viking hat! "We're vikings - what do you know! The terrors of the sea...We're vikings - where ever we go pilaging happily! We're vikings!

    As soon as my daughters saw the viking hat they started singing the song! hee hee

    Your daughters are talented indeed, and your mil's chicken hat quite funny but you didn't show us YOUR hat!

    Show us the hat, Karen! hee hee

    Sorry I think we all had too much sugar today - can you say yellow cake, strawberries and whipped cream frosting???? Heaven!

  2. Ha! Love the song!

    I'm a killjoy and didn't wear a hat. My mil offered to loan me one but I declined.

    I've got these hideous growing-out bangs that I wear back in clips and a hat wouldn't have worked over the clips.


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