Thursday, May 28, 2009

My favorite gardening tool

Can you see the grin on her face?

Of course she's happy. She's been dying to use my flame burner...for ages.

I like to wilt all the leaves when I torch. Following her dad's instructions, she pointed at the base of the plant before squeezing the handle to blast it.

The idea is to heat the water in the plant so hot that it damages the cells. It's not only fairly effective, it's lots of fun!

A lot of things aren't killed with the first try. I'm currently trying to eradicate some daylilies and tall phlox. I've torched them 4 or 5 times this spring and they just. won't. die. I'm not giving up, though. I have too much fun trying.

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  1. You're trying to eradicate phlox? What? What are you thinking, those aren't weeds, they are flowers! And you have a sister who loves flowers! Dig those puppies up for me!

  2. Oh wow that does look fun!! I have a few weeds your daughter can torch!

  3. Kathy-

    They aren't pretty phlox. They're those tall, garden phlox in a washed out whitish-pink, growing on the hillside by the garage, mixed in with those nasty ORANGE daylilies.

    I have new creeping phlox planted in a small part I've managed to burn/dig and I love them. I also have tall phlox elsewhere that are a pretty color. They get to stay.

    My goal is to not have to dig the whole hillside up to be rid of them, so YOU can dig them but I'm just not that sweet. ;-) I'm hoping the burning will at least stunt them.

  4. That is a fun tool! Wow!

    Don't let my girls see that or my husband....hee hee!

  5. Hello Mrs. Karen!

    Thank you for posting on my blog. ( Please come back and visit again!

    Your daughter does look like she is having fun. We have day lilies. I have never heard of phlox. I will find out what it looks like.


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