Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plant markers

My best friend's birthday is tomorrow. She often invites us to share her birthday with her by making us dinner. Yeah, it is pretty nice.

This year, that isn't going to work. Clarence and I are heading to our state homeschool convention and they had the audacity to schedule it on Cinda's birthday. Believe it or not, Cinda didn't accept my invitation to attend with us. I guess she isn't interested in homeschooling her cat. She might regret that someday.

A couple weeks ago, I saw some cute plant markers that I was sure Cinda would enjoy. Since she's an avid gardener, and has decorated a room in a garden theme, I was pretty sure she would like these and find a way to use them either inside or outside.

The hardest part of making these was finding the clear marbles. The first three places I tried only had the ones with an iridescent finish. Walmart had the plain, clear ones.

I don't think they're a terribly useful size, as plant markers go, but they're so cute I didn't care.
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  1. Karen,

    You are so clever! They are really cute, and unique. What a happy gift for your friend.

    Tomorrow the 15th is my Momma's bday. She is only 39! Well, that is what she would tell you anyway! :)

    Have fun at your convention!

  2. Those are so cute! Shoudl I send you a list of what we are planting? I know "someone" in our family has a birthday next week:>)

  3. They are so cute! now if i could just get something besides my MONSTER hostas to grow.....:)

  4. I really love the plant markers. They make a great bouquet. Will probably end up in the garden room - too cute for outside.


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