Monday, May 11, 2009

Making a cloud

We didn't get around to this project last week for Science so I made sure we got to it today.

I like this science way better than any I ever had in school. I wish I had discovered this curriculum a few years ago, as I think it is geared for students Allison's age and younger. I find we can move through the material pretty quickly, due to their ages, yet they retain it so well that I don't feel bad about using a "younger" curriculum. For that matter, I can't believe how much I learn from this elementary course.

To make a cloud: Heat water, pour into jar. Light a match and throw it into the jar. Slap a baggie of ice cubes over the top of the jar.


If your baggie seals the top edge of the jar pretty well, you'll get clouds in the jar. If you've got air leaks, the clouds don't stay in the jar. Ask me how I know this.

We still have one more project to make up from last week. We have to make ice cream in a baggie. I know, I know, it's a tough job teaching these kids but someone's gotta do it. Told you it was way better than when we were in school.

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  1. Which science curriculum do you use? Those sound like perfect projects for us to try!

  2. Do you have to throw the match? or will it work without it? Just wondering... scientific minds (at least at a youth level!)

  3. Cool stuff!

    The kids still talk about the day we made it rain over the stove. I think I have mentioned that before.

    Chelsea told me she is thinking of homemade bread today...It has been so busy that I haven't made any lately. Just ten days of school left. yay

  4. Isabel Princes,

    The curriculum is "Exploring Creation with Astronomy" by Fulbright. It is one of several volumes in the Young Explorers Series. It is published by Apologia.


    I think throwing the match in is to provide particles in the air to attach to the water vapor.

  5. Thank you for the "lesson" in science today... we have tried this in the past without the match and it didn't work so well... will try again.

  6. I will have to try this with my students- thanks! My students loved making icecream but we used one huge coffee can with a smaller one inside. Then we rolled it around to "churn" the ice cream. Delish!


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