Friday, May 15, 2009

Signs of progress

Remember our recycled potato experiment? This is an update for the From Seeds to Harvest Gardening Challenge going on at Teaching Good Things.

Clarence read a book called Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza earlier this spring. He used that method to plant the leftovers of last fall's harvest of potatoes that had sprouted.

It's been almost three weeks since then and last night I counted two different plants poking up through the straw. (That's just one in the pic.) It's looking promising!

He tried to get the tiller started last night and it seems to be having major problems. We may be doing more lasagna gardening that we originally planned if we can't till.

Clarence is also giving me almost daily reports on his orange pepper plants. He has a little pepper on one that seems to grow noticeably each day. He's very excited about them! I'll try to get updated pics of them for next week.

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We are leaving for the state homeschool convention. I'll see you all Sunday or Monday!
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  1. Hi Karen, I'm enjoying reading all the updates from Teaching Good Things!
    I read Lasagna Gardening this year for the first time and was SO curious about that potato growing method! I wonder if it would work with sweet potatoes? I tried mine last year in a trash can with not so great results.
    Anyway, enjoyed seeing how your garden is growing!

  2. I'm reading Lasagna Gardening for Herbs right now :) I"m going to incorporate this in August or so, let the beds sit over winter and turn that into a daylily bed for the spring.

    It's really the way to go.

  3. Have fun this weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. I too am doing lasagna gardening! I can't wait to see and hear how yours goes!


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