Friday, May 29, 2009

Potato (Lasagna gardening) update

As part of the From Seeds to Harvest gardening challenge, I've been posting about our potatoes, among other things.

Our recycled potatoes, planted lasagna garden style, appear to be growing well. Two weeks ago we only had a couple plants up. Now they all seem to be growing and we're ready to add more straw to them.

We've since added another section using seed potatoes we purchased, which are under the fresh straw but not up yet. My best friend gave us her leftover seed potatoes the other day so we are adding a third section of potatoes. I really hope this method works well.

Last night, this is what the first plant to pop up through the straw looked like. Quite a difference in two weeks!

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  1. Not that I really know much about potato plants...but they look happy.

    Fun to see the progress.


  2. I have never seen potatoe plants. Very interesting!! Take pictures when you pick them also!

  3. Thanks for missing my posts. I will post soon, very busy with in home daycare, and the cleaning/keep up of the house. Love, Kimberly

  4. Those look lovely. It's also good to hear you can pretty much plant them whenever.

    I have been finding organic potatoes with the eyes all over them on sale at the local food co-op in town. I might just get them and try this.


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