Friday, June 12, 2009

The girls' gardens

Last year, we studied Botany and the girls were supposed to plan and implement a butterfly garden. Julianne was excited about it but Allison, not so much.

They couldn't agree on anything. Julianne had extremely elaborate plans and Allison was adamantly opposed to helping her carry them out. She had some ideas of her own, but Julianne didn't really care to hear them. Compromise is good, but I ran out of patience trying to get them to work together.

I ended up telling Allison she had to take ownership of one of the terraces Clarence had constructed in the front yard. She could plant whatever she wanted, but it was going to be her responsibility alone. She grew green peppers and basil and did very well.

This spring, I asked her what she planned to grow this year. She didn't know, so I suggested that she try green beans since she always serves them when it's her night to cook. She got them planted recently and they are just starting to emerge and get their true leaves. She's pretty excited.

The pinks you see are on their third year. Allison went out quite early this spring, spread compost over her terrace and hoed the whole bed. The pinks in her garden are the most spectacular and we're thinking her early care gave them a big boost.

Julianne got the wilderness area we planned to use for the butterfly garden. The propane pig is just an added bonus she's had to consider when she plans.

A few weeks ago, Clarence and I mowed down some of the weeds so he could till it. Once it was cultivated, we added the path. Last year, she gardened in the little area where she's working in this picture. This year, she has a lot more space to experiment.

Clarence and Julianne built this tee-pee last year for her sweet peas. She planted more this spring and they are starting to come up.

Julianne used to love winter. She loved the snow, building snowmen, sledding. Not this year. This year she tolerated winter by looking through seed catalogs and asking her dad how much she could order. She has become a gardener.
This is my post for the From Seeds to Harvest garden challenge being held at Teaching Good Things.
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  1. That's great! Our garden plans are on hold until we get our raised bed done...yikes! We have had so much rain!

    We grew green beans last year - they were great! I am sure Allison's will do well!

    I love seeing what you are up to!

  2. Allisons pinks are gorgeous! I can't wait to get time to run up and see it all in person:>)

  3. Isn't it so much fun to see our children learning and enjoying the gardening and homemaking skills that we enjoy?

    Chelsea has really come to love her flower garden and we recently made a veggie garden out of a child's swimming pool, painted green, and with a hole cut in the bottom over a stump. Yes, that was a bit complicated but easier and cheaper this year than finding wood to make a raised bed. She has tomatoes, peppers and a cucumber plant in it.

  4. Oh how I wish I had a green thumb and a place to plant...(our yard is almost total shade!). All you and yours gardening activies sounds so wonderful! We just have a few tomatoe plants and some strawberries, and that is if we can keep Zoey out of them...Have a great day.

  5. KEEK!!!!!! Hoping this posts...getting tired of trying!!! these pictures of the girls are so cute...but then, the subject matter is...stupendous! Have a good one!


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