Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I sometimes complain reminisce about the early days of our marriage.

The days when Clarence would buy me flowers, just because.

Life changed.
We bought a house. Money was tight.

We had kids. Money was tight.

I quit my job to stay home and homeschool the kids. Money was tight.

I told him not to spend the inflated-for-the-holiday-price on flowers for Valentine's Day and Sweetest Day. He heard "Don't spend money on flowers". So I don't get flowers all that often anymore.

We were walking around a garden center this weekend and Julianne spotted these violets. She called me over and I was as taken with them as she was. I told Clarence that if he wanted to buy me flowers sometime, I'd take these. I'm subtle that way.

He brought this home last night after work.

I am delighted.
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  1. These are beautiful! Good job Clarence:>)

  2. I have a nearly identical story to yours!

    Love your subtle hint!


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