Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Quick Trip

Clarence and I were recently discussing our low supply of whole wheat pastry flour in my mom's presence. We buy it in Indiana, at the Bonneyville Mill. Clarence said we'd have to take a trip to pick up some more because our supply wouldn't last until our usual September trip.

Mom suggested that a girls trip might be fun.

So the girls and I left home a little before 6:30 this morning to meet Mom and head out. We don't drive 3 1/2 to 4 hours just to pick up some flour, of course. There are plenty of other places to go when we get to the Shipshewana area.

We started with a Goodwill store in Elkhart. We happened to hit a 40%-off-everything sale so got a few good things, including the enamel pan pictured below. I have a larger one that I use when canning and I just couldn't leave this one in the store. Clarence just smiled when I told him that.

We got the flour at the mill, then went to the bulk food store in Shipshe, then started for home.

Since we set out for home around 3, we decided to stop at a couple other Goodwill stores on the way home.

Julianne is always looking for pretty dishes to use for mosaics (did you see this?) but she decided to pass on the dishes above (though she still bought plenty of others). They were only $3.99 and I thought they were pretty so I brought them home. We'll use them until we tire of them or they break, then I'll pass them on to her.

And then there are the corn holders. I've never seen any like this before. No reaching into the container and getting stabbed? Sounds great to me! The "functional sharp points" interlock. Aren't some people just brilliant?
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  1. A quick trip? You must have been exhausted when you got home. But you did get some cool things, the dishes are really pretty! I bet mom had a great time too:>)

  2. I am so impressed with the mosaic project. I have been thinking of making a mosaic backsplash. I have gobs of china plates that we purchased for the candle business. I wonder if JuJu thinks that would be a good project or an overwhelming one?

  3. Karen, you are envied by me. So much fun with the girls. (When did they grow up so much?) I'll bet your mom had a ball and isn't it great to see her doing so well? LAS


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