Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well drained spinach

What do you see?

The label calls this a potato ricer/fruit press. I've never used it for either of those things.

What I see is a spinach draining tool extraordinaire. It is a rare frozen spinach recipe that doesn't use the spinach after it has been "thawed and very well drained".

When a recipe calls for well drained spinach, I call for the potato ricer. Oh, I used to load it into my colander and squeeze the water out of it as best I could. My hands and colander would be covered in bits of spinach but there'd still be quite a bit of water left in the spinach.

No more.

Clean hands. Very well drained spinach.

My first ever submission to Kitchen Tip Tuesday. Head over to Tammy's Recipes for more shared tips.

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  1. Oooh, I need to keep my eyes open for one of these! I HATE trying to press the water out of spinach so this sounds fantastic.

  2. Great tip! There is a spinach dip I would make if I knew how to strain it well. Now I can!

  3. What a great use! I bet it would work well for zucchini too... have you tried it?


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