Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jar cozy

This is Julianne's latest project.

No pattern, just a picture Kathy sent in an email along with the question "Can Julianne make these?"

It isn't as simple as it looks to me, a non-crocheter. She kept working to get a good fit. She says this is about her fifth attempt.

I'm continually astonished at her ability.

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  1. That is really sweet!

    Can you imagine the flicker of a candle through that? I wonder if it would get too hot. Probably.

  2. I hope she is making more! I agree, a candle would look beautiful and I don't thnk it would be too hot. The glass would protect it! I have a few old green glass pint jars, wonder what color would look good on those?.....


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