Sunday, October 11, 2009

October quiz

The first quiz of the season was yesterday.

This year they are quizzing on I & II Corinthians. We actually have a three person team this year, although the girls' teammate wasn't able to go to yesterday's competition.

In individual competition, both girls made it to the final round. Allison didn't place but Julianne took first place.

In team competition, the girls took first place in the young teen veteran division. The other girl who is quizzing this year is in 10th grade, so when she attends, they will be quizzing in the senior teen division.

Julianne quizzed out in every round she was in yesterday (7). Allison managed to get two quiz outs during the course of the day. They continually amaze me.
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  1. Go girls! We have been studying in 1 Corinthians in church and it is so good!

    Congrats to Allison and Julianne!

  2. Great job!


  3. I am, as usual, very proud of my nieces:>)


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