Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everyday miracles

Yesterday was Allison's night to cook. She asked her dad to stop on his way home for an ingredient, as he often does for me. He took a slight detour from his normal route home to go to Sam's Club.
On his ride into work, he had been unable to avoid something in the road. He checked his tires when he got to work and again before leaving, then started his commute home.
As he exited the freeway, almost to Sam's, his tire went flat. He continued, driving slowly, and made it to Sam's Club safely. I saw several miracles in his adventure.
  1. He didn't take his normal route home, which would have left him stranded roadside, nowhere near a tire place.
  2. The tire didn't go flat until he was off the freeway, moving at a much slower, safer speed.
  3. He was the only customer in the tire dept. and was able to get the tire changed in mere minutes. (That seems like a huge miracle to me!)
  4. He was at Sam's Club, where the tire was originally purchased, so the road hazard coverage was usable, giving him a discount on the new tire.

Prayer for their dad's safety is something the girls often add when asking a blessing on their food at mealtime. Sometimes it seems so rote and repetitious to my ears, sincere though they are. I'm glad God doesn't look at it that way and orchestrated all the details so perfectly yesterday, allowing us to glimpse some of the miracles I'm sure He performs unnoticed every day.


  1. The Providence of God in our lives is truly a beautiful thing!!! Thanks for sharing this. It is a great reminder of God's love and care.

    Now, you said you would love to be a part of our fun in Pa? I had to smile because Chelsea keeps trying to find ways to get you guys to move here or vacation here so she can meet Julianne and Allison. Come on down any time. We have spare rooms for a nice visit.

    Becky K.

  2. I BELIEVE in Miracles! Glad he made it home safely. Prayer is a wonderful thing. I love it when young people use it.

  3. YAY!!! I love you all and am so glad you're all safe!!! xoxoxo

  4. Thankful for God' protection!

    I second Becky's encouragement for you to come for a visit!


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