Saturday, October 25, 2008

Julianne's room

Clarence is doing some demolition to prepare for installing the new windows in the girls' rooms. Once the new windows are in, Julianne wants to re-do her room so I thought I'd get some pictures before it was all changed.
Julianne has had a yellow room with Veggie Tales since she was about five. She wanted it changed when she turned 10. She thought she was on the every-five-years plan but it hasn't worked out that way.

I suppose she's growing up but how could someone not want the French peas or the penguin from The Toy That Saved Christmas?

She has this happy sunshine smiling at her every morning. I think he helps her wake up cheerfully.
Queen Esther looks down from above one of the windows. She was always Allison's favorite.

Madame Blueberry.

Bob, Larry, and Junior Asparagus.

Palmy. I love his Reggae-sounding song on the Veggie's Christmas CD.
Laura the carrot.

King George's rubber ducky.
I've never been able to decide which is my favorite. My dear sil Kathy painted all of this for us. Prior to that, she had done Precious Moments animals in a similar fashion for Julianne's nursery. She shares her talents with us so generously and I really appreciate it.
Since this is my 99th post, I'm thinking about a giveaway. I'm nowhere near as talented as Kathy but I've got a little something I made to send to someone-so stay tuned for # 100.

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  1. 100 posts already!? Wow! Doesnt seem like youhave been posting that long! It really is time for a new look for our favorite teenager. I'm thinking next summer Aunt Kathy is going tobe ove to paint:>)

  2. There are so many ideas on the net for girls rooms. I just did the living room and my room so I know! Have fun decorating. I can't wait to see the finished room!! Keep us updated!

  3. Kathy did a wonderful job! She really captured the Veggie's facial expressions perfectly!

    So cute.....


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