Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Christmas

We got together with my extended family over the weekend. That means new photos of Nicky and Ava! (And a sneak peak at Kaity in the background.)

They are just cuteness in the extreme, aren't they?

Nick is following a long standing family tradition for the little ones to stand on the kitchen counter and spin the bird hanging there. I knew his Grandma, my Aunt Sharon, would need to see a picture of that. She doesn't visit us for Christmas. (Imagine that-staying in Florida when you could be in Michigan, enjoying sub-zero wind chills, snow, and ice. Hard to believe, isn't it?)

Like most families, we don't get together often enough now that we're all grown, with families of our own. I so appreciate the opportunity we have to catch up with each other, see how big the kids are getting, and laugh and joke with each other. It's one of the best parts of the holidays and I'm thankful Unc makes sure it happens every year.
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  1. oh my goodness...i just want to pinch those gorgeous cheeks!!!

    so glad you all had some wonderful family time.


  2. Oh Karen, thank you!! I can't imagine not being there either, but thanks for the pix. We are an extremly lucky family. Just ordinary people who have extrodinarily beautiful children. I think we all are grateful to Uncle for getting thinkgs going. hope to talk to you soon. LAS

  3. Awww....aren't blogs great? So happy that family can stay connected in this way.

    The children are adorable!

    I have never heard of spinning a bird before. That must be a "Michigan" thing? lol

    2010 would be a great year for you to vacation in PA...yes it would.

    Becky K.

  4. They are adorable! Happy New Year to you all..



  5. Those kiddies are darling! It is really special that you all keep getting together at Christmas time so that you can keep up with each other.

    My relatives are in MI and I don't think they do the spinning bird thing....hee hee...

    Happy New Year friend!


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