Monday, January 4, 2010

Peppermint Popcorn

I tried a new recipe this year which Clarence dubbed "addictive".

You can find the recipe here that I used as a guide (isn't that really what all recipes are?).

I used my blender to crush the candy canes. It was far more efficient than my rolling pin and less jarring on my nerves, too. I also replaced the vanilla chips with vanilla coating/almond bark because I had it on hand.

Kathy told me people were requesting the recipe after she posted a picture on her blog so I promised I'd post the link. I suggest you hurry and see if there are any more candy canes left on the clearance racks. You don't want to wait 'til next Christmas to try this!
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  1. I passed up so many clearance candy canes yesterday...

    I truly considered getting some too.

    This popcorn looks so pretty.


  2. This looks wonderful. I'll bet the red and white "starlight" mints would work, too.

  3. I had to come and get this recipe...Kathy posted that you were sharing and I say "thank you"!! ♥

  4. I, too, came over from Kathy's blog to get this delicious sounding recipe. It may sound so delicious to me 'cause just today we started on the South Beach Diet and NO SUGAR...NO STARCHES...NO NUTHIN' for the next 2 weeks. Course we will never be able to add sugar back..maybe I can find those sugar free peppermint sticks..That would be fabulous!!oops, no...then I still have the chips or bark...SHOOT !!

  5. The popcorn looks and sounds great. I just took a look at your blog, seeing it on Kathys Cottage and I'm going to follow you. I also am a blessed homeschooling mama.


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