Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Midwinter Garden weeders

I was taking a couple pictures today for an upcoming blog post. I wanted some natural light, so I took the stuff in by the living room window and started to set up a tray table to put it on.

Some movement out in the yard caught my eye.

I looked out and saw this:

Pawing at the snow like Belle paws around in the litter box (sorry for that mental image!), she was digging in my flower/herb bed that I neglect to weed most of the summer. I think she might be chowing down on some pale pink perennial geranium here. Interestingly, she avoided the garlic chives and sage nearby in favor of crab grass. Gotta love that!

She wasn't alone, though. This one was snacking on the remains of Julianne's snapdragons across the yard.

I called the girls to come and watch. Julianne saw what this one was doing and wondered aloud why people find these animals cute? They obviously haven't learned-you don't mess with Julianne's snapdragons.
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  1. Oh wow!

    Fortunately we haven't had trouble with deer where we are...don't know why.

    Poor Julianne!

  2. Julianne, I am sorry but they are cute...although, I probably wouldn't want them in my garden either!

    Great pictures, Karen!

  3. Oh noooo! Not the Snapdragons!


  4. I think they are cute too! I would love to see them in my yard! But I understand about the flowers, Janie use to let her sheep out in the yard, and they ate everything green!!! :) Hope you guys have an awesome day!!

  5. Hey keeka! I just wanted to let you know that while I am not working on Saturday, I do have a paper and some other homework to write. Do you think the quiz would take all day?

  6. When all we see is a stray dog once in a while, a deer is a cute thing to see!

  7. the deer r darling but so are snapdragons. :)


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