Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Princess Leta

As part of Leta's Christmas gift, I decided to make her a princess hat. We had seen one for sale a few months ago and it inspired Julianne to make one for her friend, Chelsea, and me to make one for Leta.

(Sorry this pic is so blurry.)

I'm of the opinion that a five year old needs lots of sparkly, so Leta's hat got lots of large rhinestones. I expressed concern that perhaps Chelsea would be jealous of all those jewels on Leta's hat when she saw it on my blog. Julianne was pretty sure that wouldn't be the case. I guess teenagers don't have quite the same need for giant jewels as they had when they were five, eh?

We also happened upon a nice ring to go along with the hat. Giant pink rhinestone heart. Perfect!

The princess stuff was a fun go-along with her gift and I even got a picture of her good-natured dad wearing the hat. I mentioned something about making it next year's Christmas card but decided maybe it wouldn't be nice of me to put it on the internet. But if ever I happen to need blackmail material on George... ;-)
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  1. awww if only I had giant jewels on mine! LOL just kidding.


  2. You are so right, little girls need lots of sparkle. I wonder if she will sleep in it?:>) LOVE the ring too. So cute Karen!

  3. That is so perfect!

    Chelsea, behave yourself!

    Chelsea loves hers...she wouldn't want it any other way.

    Becky K.


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