Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Quiz

Our girls went to Saturday's quiz as a two person team but were joined by a friend from another church who didn't have anyone to quiz with. They had a lot of fun with Hannah on their team and managed to bring home a first place trophy again this month. (Hannah had to leave before the awards, so just imagine an extra girl in this picture, ok?)

The individual competition was harder for them. They both made it to finals, but neither of them placed. Julianne is quizzing in the Sr. Teen division for individuals, although she's actually a Young Teen Veteran. It's a hard competition for me to watch sometimes. The Sr. Teens have so much experience and they pre-jump almost every question. It can be mind boggling even when you're only a spectator. Julianne chooses to compete there to gain experience and sharpen her skills. It also keeps our girls from competing against each other.

Clarence said Allison did a lot of pre-jumping in her individual finals, too. Maybe the Young Teens aren't any less stressful to watch anymore?

(A note on the tank top: Yes, it is frigid in Michigan these days. She did have a hoody to go over the tank top-but they get so warm when they quiz, she decided to dress lighter. I get goosebumps just looking at this picture. Brr.)

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  1. Yay Girls!

    It must me almost like a sport with the competition and effort they put into it. No wonder they get warm.

    Becky K.

  2. No, It must BE like a sport...
    Sorry. Lost my typing ability there for a second.

  3. Congratulations to my girls on coming in first place with their team! They may not have placed this quiz individually, but I know they will improve and be back on top soon! Good for you Julianne, for challenging yourself!

  4. How neat!

    Is the quizzing similar to The National Bible Bee? It would be neat to see your girls compete, although it may stressful for you!

  5. I'm glad they did well! (as always) Sorry I couldn't be there, but I got everything turned in on time!!! Thank goodness. I love you guys! xoxoxoxo


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