Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bazaar finds

Did I mention that we went to the bazaar at my inlaws' park while we were visiting them?

Down at the clubhouse on Saturday they had a bake sale, the craft table, raffles for several things, coffee and homemade doughnuts, soup and sandwiches for lunch, pie for dessert.

And a huge, honkin' rummage sale. It is so big, in fact, that it takes up much of the space in the clubhouse, and extends across the street to two different driveways packed full of stuff.

We got to attend the Friday night preview.

This is part of what we bought. This pic doesn't show the luncheon plates well so I took a closer shot (next pic) to show the color better. There are only three sets, plus an extra plate, but it's perfect for the girls and I to use for lunch once in a while.

Julianne has been collecting dishes to use when she tries doing mosaics. These pretty strays were 5-10 cents each so they had to ride home with us.

I found a whisk similar to my favorite, only slightly larger. 10¢.

The glass flower frog was a nice find-I've wanted one but where do you purchase one? It isn't something I've seen when browsing anywhere and it fit the green tin container perfectly so I picked that up as well.

Detail of the violets on the luncheon sets.

Did you notice that old Skippy peanut butter jar in the top shot? Here's a peek at what's inside.

I'm not a button floozie like my dear sis in law, Kathy, but I like having buttons on hand for projects and figured if I ended up not wanting to keep them, she'd be happy to take them off my hands. They appear to be of the same vintage as the jar holding them. You think Kathy's gonna be coming to visit me soon?

Not pictured is the huge box of yarn, lace, fabric, trims, ribbon, and tennis balls(!?) we got for $1. Enough to keep the girls crafting for a while. Or the vintage (or is it just old?) sewing machine-in a cabinet-for $3. Unfortunately, the extra cams for the sewing machine didn't get picked up when it was purchased so they are now in a Salvation Army store somewhere in Tampa. Julianne is dying to try sewing with it. She wants to claim it as hers.

I also found a little surprise for Kathy's birthday. Yep, part of her gift will be from a rummage sale. And I am absolutely positive she will be delighted. I only mention this to taunt her. She bought something for my birthday one year months ahead of time and had to mention it in her blog just to make me crazy. It seems only fair that I let her enjoy months of anticipation like I had to, don'tcha think?
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  1. I don't know about you ladies who find such great stuff at these sales! I must not go often enough or to the right places!

  2. Great finds! I love buttons and snack sets! I cannot wait to search the flea markets when it FINALLY warms up (for good!).

  3. that stuff sounds so cool and the tea sets are really pretty! Mom really will go crazy about that mention of her gift lol. I love you! Hope you're having a great almost-spring!!!


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