Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mail call

In Friday's mail, I got an unexpected surprise.

A letter from a dear friend, who lives far away now.

I'm terrible about keeping in touch with people and only seem to write to her at Christmas and her birthday. I think I even have a correct email addy for her-but I never sit down and write.

I was so excited to see her letter in the mail. I opened it and read it through. I felt like we had just had a cup of coffee together as I caught up on her life a little bit. I set it aside and started preparing dinner. I told Clarence how she was and some of what is happening in her life as I cooked.

I've gone back no less than three times since then to re-read her letter. I miss our conversations so much and reading her letter makes her feel closer.

Life is busy for all of us, my friend included. Yet she makes the effort to maintain the relationships in her life. It's one of the many things I've always admired about her.

I think I'd better see if that email addy I have for her still works.


  1. Thank you Karen, for your post and the reminder it is to me that I need to make the effort to keep in touch with others! If I delight so much in hearing from them, then they probably would like to hear from me!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment on my blog! Have a great day.

  3. hi karen,

    thanks for the comment on my blog (mamabear) . . . you were my first ever comment! :)

    thanks also for the advice on uploading pictures. i will check out the picasa link as soon as i can.

    kathleen :)


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