Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vintage book

The girls mentioned this book to me last night. Mom found it and gave it to them a while back. They think it is hilarious-I suppose they're right.

Mom had saved it from sometime in my early school years. It is mostly empty pages, but the front of the book contains a couple of gems I thought I'd share.

Note the vintage (probably 70's era) wallpaper cover.

This page is titled "Dick and Sally". I'm an original one, aren't I?

It reads as follows:

Dick said oh Sally How did you get on that swing you said you couldnot get on. Sally said I have grown one feet sicne I said that. The End.

My girls love this story, too. They find it particularly funny that my dog changes gender somewhere in the middle, without warning.

My Dog.

I put my dog in his pen. And suddenly when I got up from bed. He was gone. I looked and I looked. But nothing of a dog could be seen. So I put on my summer coat and hat. I started off to look for my lost dog.

I walked and walked and I walked. I found a path to follow so I started to follow it. I found that I was not following my dogs path so I had to follow it back to the house.

So I followed the path back to the house. I ate lunch and I found another path to follow. I followed it and I found that she was having baby's!

Apparently, that is the end of that tale but I seem to have run out of room to put "The End"-or I'm sure I would have. Back then, I think it was the only way I was really sure the story was over.

Thankfully, I'm a bit better at spelling and sentence structure now than I was then.

The End.
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  1. This is so cute!! I love it! A treasure for your girlies!!

    I have a couple of things like this too!!

  2. That is really a treasure!

    My girls would love that too!

  3. how precious! i'm glad you're mom saved the book for you and your girls. very sweet!

  4. I'm so glad you found me from Mrs. Rabes. I love your blog and will come back often. Have you seen my other blog at Hope you can check us out there too.
    Thank you for entering my Give-Away and for the sweet comments.
    I'm putting you on Faith Folks Favs list.


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