Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching up

Ever feel like you are behind and can't catch up? Yeah, well, we're going to pretend that I really posted this last weekend, when it was fresh.

Last Friday, we had our monthly co-op with our group of friends. We normally meet on Tuesdays but, due to illness, had re-scheduled. Unfortunately, one family got sick between Tuesday and Friday so we still ended up missing a few people.

We read The Whipping Boy this month.

The kids chose verses ahead of time that reminded them of the story. I found it very interesting that even the youngest of the group made a connection between the whipping boy and Christ without the parents having to spell it out. Several of the kids chose verses from Isaiah 53, but none of them were duplicates. I thought that was pretty cool.

The kids looked up silly laws as homework and had to make an oral presentation on whether the law they chose should be repealed or kept on the books. That was quite entertaining and the kids all were able to argue persuasively enough to convince the majority of the group to agree with their viewpoint.

The kids also had to draw random things out of a hat and concoct an excuse for not doing their homework that their mother would accept. My girls both immediately said "It doesn't matter what I get-she won't think it's a good excuse." They were right. ;-)

We talked about medieval times and the armor of God. They made banners out of felt to represent something about themselves.

Then they each made flags for our cake project (which is why there are so many flags on the cake).

Here is a shot of the castle when they were done decorating it. Can you say sugar overload?

Then, Saturday was a quiz.

There were three teams that had each lost one round so they went to total points for the day to determine places. The girls came in third.

In individuals, Julianne got first place in the vet division and Allison took second in the rookie division.

All righty, last weekend taken care of. Maybe now I can try to live in the present.
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  1. Sounds like a neat co-op - do you just meet with the same families each time? Do you always do a book, then projects etc. to go along with it? Am I asking too many questions? :)

    Your girls are so amazing with the quizzing!

  2. Awesome Quizgirls!

    Love, Uncle


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